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to the auction company
Drazebni spolecnost MORAVA s.r.o.

Our employees have professional experience with auctions of real properties, including single immovables or sets of residential or commercial real estate; also auctions of huge sets of res mobiles, mainly from bankrupt estates.

We use all of the conventional means of advertising in national, local or specialized press for the presentation of public auctions. We also use significant auction websites as a part of the advertising campaign. The object of the auction exposé is also sent to target groups of subjects, and we contact interested persons.


to the auction company
Drazebni spolecnost MORAVA s.r.o.

Drazebni spolecnost MORAVA s.r.o. co-operates with business and civil law experts, and provides consequential observance of the terms and conditions which result from the law and contracts - for quick and perfect processing.

Drazebni spolecnost MORAVA s.r.o. insists on an individual approach to clients and their requirements. We are ready to organise every auction as fast as possible, and in the shortest terms as provided by law.


Dražební společnost MORAVA s.r.o.
Dlouhá 4433
760 01 Zlín, Czech Republic

Tel./fax.: +420 577 011 415, +420 577 011 416
Mobil: +420 603 509 979
Mobil: +420 731 569 896
E-mail: draspomorava@draspomorava.cz

IČ: 26275953

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